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New Members Information

As "Prospective Members"  you are invited to come along and "taste"  a few IVC events before deciding  whether you wish to join. We invite you to try up to eight events over an eight week period before you commit yourself to joining. If you decide to join, there is a one off joining fee and a very reasonable annual subscription. Club members are asked to host at least two events in any one year and are given plenty of help and encouragement to do this.

       Members chatting at pub night     members chatting at pub night 

^ IVC members chatting at one of our Imperial bar night's ^

Exeter IVC is a friendly, active social club.  Members put on events that they like and invite the other members to join them.  So if  walking is your great love, you could host a walk. If it is Eating Out (very popular) or you fancy trying some new restaurant, you can host a meal. Even perhaps organize a dinner party at home where members contribute to the food.  Once you are a member of IVC it's your choice as to what you want to do. IVC is a club run by the members for the members.

      Restaurant Meal        Walkers Gathering


For further details please contact the Membership Secretary on:

07516 269367
or email